Our Products and Service

Standard Rubber extrusions Product Range

Type: solid rubber /sponge rubber

Material: EPDM,CR,NBR,SBR,Silicone,Viton,NR etc

Special treat:Flocked,Adhesive ,Wire steel plate carrier insertion are all available

FKM FPM//Viton /Fluorine Extrusion strip 

--High temperature resist

--excellent chemical agents proof

--perfect quality ,King of Rubber

Pinch Weld Rubber Seal

Tape:Top Bulb,Side Bulb

Carrier:Wire carrier or Steel Plate  

Type: solid rubber /sponge rubber
Easy Install and long serve life

Fireproof rubber seals

Approval by UL94 Test

Application:high speed train, metro and light rail vehicle. 

Good high-temperature properties and low compression set 

D.P.E.I and other Shaped Seal


Jointing together by mold after extrusion process,or use super Glue join together

Widely used in automotive,truck,windscreen

Metal Reinforcement
Plenty of optional colors

Material: NR, SBR, NBR, CR, EPDM, SILICONE, etc

Range: sponge rubber cord, tube, strips, rubber D ,P,E section,customized shaped profile

Adhesive tapes available

Silicone Extrusions Profiles

High temperature and excellent aging resistance 

lowest compression set reach 12% 

Any color is available 

Solid and sponge 

Customerized technical data

push-on trim seal

Co-extruded Cabinet Rubber Seals

Windshield Rubber Profiles

weatherstrip with metal insert

Rubber With Metal Inside

Automotive weatherstrippings

D Shape: 9*6mm, 9*7mm, 9*8mm, 12*10mm, 14*12mm 
E shape:9*4mm 
P profile:9*5.5mm 

I Profile:9*2mm

Grip strips

capping rubber

EPDM U Channel Seal

cushion rubber

Screen Accessories Seal

decorative seal

trim seal,pvc seal

Door edging trim

self-grip Seal,Protective Trim Seal

fender protective edge trim

This sticky backed closed cell rubber or dense rubber is suitable for making a watertight seal on boat hatches, lockers, car boots, enclosures, cabinets, etc. 


Push on Trim Seal

Press-on Trim Seal

Edge Trim Door Trim

Pinchweld Trim Seal

Door and Trunk Trim Seal

windshield rubber seal

Self- Sealing Weatherstrips 

Rubber lock strip used for two piece
self sealing weatherstrip
Rubber spacer used for sliding glass applications

Welding(Jointing) auto weatherstrip Ring

EPDM Rubber extrusion strip rectangular seal

Hot joined rubber frame gasket

Large Silicone Ring gasket

Approval by UL94 HB,V-0,V1 Test
Application:fire doors,hatches,fire boxes. 
Good high-temperature properties and low compression set 

glazing gaskets

Wedge gaskets

bubble seal

flipper seal

rubber tape

Rubber strip

EPDM foam sealing self-adhesive strips
EPDM foam ;self-adhesive strip
EPDM - mikroporĘŽzna guma


Rubber PVC Extrusion


Extruded Silicone Rubber Strip

Trunk and Hatch rubber Weatherstripping seal

Trunk hatch rubber extrusions

car body rubber hatch seal

Composite refrigerated truck container door seal strip
waterproof shipping rubber Container Door gasket
door rubber strip gasket
EPDM container rubber gasket
Container door seal
EPDM Cargo door seal gasket 
Container rubber door sealing strip

Silicone Rubber Extrusion

Extruded Foam silicone seal

Silicone strips 

Automatic revolving door seal strip
Revolving door seal gaskets

Revolving door bottom rubber seal

Swing Automatic door rubber seal strips

Lip Seal Extrusions

Lip seal strips

Lip foam rubber strip

Foam rubber lip seal

Capping Rubber

Screen Capping rubber

U channel rubber extrusion

Boot Rubber Seal(Trunk Lid,Hood, Car )

Universal Hood Weatherstrip

Trunk Self gripping rubber seal