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Pinch weld rubber seal

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Pinch Weld Rubber Seal

Our Eaget advantage in extrusions:

Develop more than 10,000 standard rubber extrusion ,which are usually ex stock or with very short lead times.

Specialty extrusion processes

1.Flocked or 'PU' coated (ie to EPDM slider seals)

2.Pinchweld and other dual hardness products

3.Adhesive backed product(PE /3M/glass fiber/Common tapes are all available )

4.Cut to size, punched and joined (vulcanized or glue as you wish).

5. Vatrius Material :EPDM,Silicone,Viton , NBR,CR,TPE,PVC,PU ect

6.Customised logo and packaging requirements

Pinch Weld Rubber Seal

Tape:Top Bulb,Side Bulb

Carrier:Wire carrier or Steel Plate  

Type: solid rubber /sponge rubber
Easy Install and long serve life

Product Other Infos:

Pinch weld rubber seal

Quick Details

Application: all kinds of vehicle, car, truck, bus.

Material: epdm,nbr,silicone rubber,viton ,sbr,nr,plastic

. Brand Name: EAGET

Model Number:ETRE-06

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Technical: Co-extrusion

color: black,Grey,White,etc

serve temperature: -40~+150°C

Hardness: 15-95 degree

 all kinds of shape size can be designed& acceptable

Popular pinchweld rubber seals code ((SIDE BLISTER ,top Blister)):







,PCRSP-4,P503,P502,39-091R etc

FEATURED Pinch weld rubber seal

(1) Seal for Triangular window

(2) Weld rubber for garage door seal

(3) auto weatherstripping fixed glass rear quarter 

(4) felt weatherstripping 

 auto weatherstripping fixed glass rear quarter.jpg  auto weatherstripping fixed glass rear quarter 1.jpg  Door frame seal.jpg  felt weatherstripping.jpg
 epdm extrusion with Plastic Clips.jpg  injection moulding.jpg  rubber seals with metal clamp.jpg  Side-garnish seal.jpg
 Weld rubber for garage door seal 2.jpg  Weld rubber for garage door seal.jpg  Windshield seal.jpg  windscreen seal.jpg


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