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rubber corrugated sleeve

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Rubber Bellows Manufacturers
EAGET Rubber  is a leading manufacturers of Rubber Bellows, Expansion Bellow, Leather bellows, Rubber boot, Dust cover, Rubber Sleeves.
We produce all kind of rubber  Bellows as per customers specification & drawing or as per their samples.

Expansion Bellow,automotive dust cover

Fabric Bellow, Silicon Bellow, Coated fabric Bellow

rubber coated fabric Bellow wire branded Bellow


Product Other Infos:

Dust cover,Rubber bellow custom,nitrile rubber corrugated sleeve 

--highly flexible, able to withstand the heat
--the appropriate thickness, unparalleled quality, excellent performance
--provide a variety of sizes and lengths
--Suitable for: erospaceHydraulic Cylinders, petrochemical industry, sports coupling/Motion Coupling, chemical, automotive industry,
Electrical Transformers
--Material :Natural Rubber, Neoprene Rubber, Nitrile Rubber, EPDM,silicone,PU

Rubber Bellow Application:

Bellows are used in machine to prevent dust partials metallic chips machine to avoid damages
It gives longer life to the machine part to avoid breakdown of the machine.
Expansion Bellows are used to avoid major damage to the pipeline where high/low pressure air-gas-water or fluid passes though.
Rubber bellow give better look to the machine and cover the damaged or unseen parts of the

The extended & closed length are the two key sizes for bellows including design wall thickness .

Check the details of our eagetrubber nitrile bellow details :
high flexible & excellent elongation 
epdm rubber Expansion Bellowcustom nitrile rubber bellow1.5mm wallthickness rubber sleeve
rubber automotive dust covernitrile rubber corrugated sleevelarge natural rubber seamless bellow for pumps

Our Eaget Rubber is very good at suppling various rubber sheets/mats, extrusions, moldings, PU, Teflon, and PVC products. 
Herein below is the advantage in our rubber molding parts: 
Develop more than 1, 000 standard rubber molding parts, which are usually ex stock or within Very short lead times. 
Specialty rubber molding processes
Rubber to metal bonding
Combination of multi hardness compounds
Insert molding - fabric, metal, plastic etc
Autoclave processing of shaped hose. 
Tape adhesive process
Punch rubber flange gasket, washers etc

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