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Self Adhesive Epdm Rubber Sealing gasket strips

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Are you still worried about where to find a supplier to produce self adhesive backing rubber seals ?

Our EAGET GROUP here are glad to support you for this kind work offering more than 10 types stock adhesives(acrylic based tape ,3M tapes).

All of them are compatible with rubber profiles (say Dense EPDM,sponge EPDM ,Silicon )and have good tack and adhering properties to plastics and metal. 

This sticky backed closed cell rubber or dense rubber is suitable for making a watertight seal on boat hatches, lockers, car boots, enclosures, cabinets, etc. 


Product Other Infos:

Self Adhesive Epdm Rubber Sealing gasket strips
This sticky backed closed cell rubber or dense rubber is suitable for making a watertight seal on boat hatches, lockers, car boots, enclosures, cabinets, etc. 
Just peel off the backing paper and stick in place.But Please use oil/wax mover to clean the applied target before you install the weatherstrip.

Multi-purpose Seal, no Glue required
EPDM Rubber,silicon ,Neoprene,Nitrile 
seal toolboxes, doors, boot seals
UV Stabilised and Automotive Use
Temperature range -40C up to 130C EPDM,-40C upto 260C Silicon
Various seal shapes and tapes for choice 
3M adhesive backing rubber sealacrylic based silicon sealyellow fiber glass tape-self adhesive plain rubber stripAdhesive Backing weatherstripping
foam PE based tapeSelf Adhesive 40 Shore Solid Epdm Rubber
Featured Adhesive Backed Expanded Strip
-Automotive Self Adhesive Bulb Seals
Made with EPDM rubber, excellent flexibility, excellent waterproof, good effect from abruptly cold to suddenly hot, excellent glutinosity.
Specially designed Vehicle Sealed Strip can be used on side of car doors, boot,engine,low the win and the sound of vibration, alse can be used on door frame, window, forbid collision in order to make the outside noise low.
CAR TRUCK Motor Door Rubber Seal Weather StripD shaped sound vibration epdm door sealSelf Adhesive Epdm Rubber
-Pre-cut and self-adhesive EPDM cellular rubber sealing strips.

 Wooden windows and wooden conservatories, where it ensures water and airtightness between the frame and the insulating glass as well as between the insulating glass and the beads.

Self Adhesive Solid Epdm RubberSelf Adhesive sponge Epdm RubberPre-cutting plain epdm rubber cr rubber strip

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