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EPDM foam sealing self-adhesive strips

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Our EAGETRUBBER Self adhesive strips Advantage :
1) Excellent anti-aging properties 
2) super elastic recovery performance, closed-cell foam does not absorb water 
3) Easy to clean smooth surface 
4) High lined with mesh backing of strength, stretch during installation 
5) comes with mesh backing, paste is very easy to install 
6) Use at -40 to 80 Celsius temperature environment
EPDM foam sealing self-adhesive strips
EPDM foam ;self-adhesive strip
EPDM - mikroporézna guma

Product Other Infos:

EPDM foam sealing self-adhesive strips
EPDM foam - self-adhesive strip
EPDM - mikroporézna guma
P shaped 9x5.5mm rubber seal

Why we need EPDM foam sealing self-adhesive strips in window and doors ?

self adhesive rubber strips

why to use epdm rubber seals to window and doors

1.Seperate noise pollution and sound pollution

2.Lighten the hit between window ,door to the frames
3.Aviod insects and rainwater coming inside
4.Separate the cold air and keep nice working for the air conditioner

Why Choose EAGET GROUP CO.,LTD==== EPDM - mikroporézna guma;self-adhesive strips

High Flexible,strong Adhesive Bonding

rubber foam strip

EPDM foam

Popular export size :D shaped 9x6,E shaped 9x4,P shaped 9x5.5mm
wooden door self adhesive rubber seal strip
Packing:Our large pack method is twelve lines per meter in a large carton .
EPDM - mikroporézna guma
double lines of 6m in a small box ,100m,150m in a roller are also available here in EAGETRUBBER.
6m-100m-150m packing rubber seal

Self-adhesive tape :yellow fiber glass tape,3M tape

3M adhesive rubber door strip

Primer:3M 94

Use: Paste.

Sticky surface before sticking guaranteed to be smooth, clean and dry. Installation temperature is preferably at 10 to 30 Celsius temperature

Oil paint surface, surface rust, easy to peel off surface, rain soaked environment should not be used.

How to use these epdm foam strips ?
how to seal wooden doors slots
Step 1.Close the door and stand outside,then fold the paper into the gap between door and door frame until there's no gap for the paper to flod .
Step 2.Measure the thickness of the folded paper,then select the right self adhesive strips as per below suggestion :
get the right window weatherstrippings
Step 3.Clean the places where to paste rubber seal,and make sure the surface is dry .
Step 4.If for many lines packing ,tear one line to seal.Don't worry ,our eagetrubber epdm foam sealing self adhesive strips are very easy to separate .
Step 5.Fix position and peel off the back release paper
Step 6.Press Again to make sure there is no air between rubber strips and door frames
Step 7.Finish and check the perfect DIY door adhesive rubber seals effect after installation
mikroporézna guma

Application :

Aluminum windows,door frames four,Wooden door frame
E shaped 9x4mm weather sealing strip

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