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Rubber Ring;Rubber Frame;Hot vulcanized rubber corner;crisper silicone seal

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If you want make a rubber ring or frame for doors,windows and any sealing application,while if the rubber profile cross section is very complex ,or the rubber product is very large ,or it is the foam sponge rubber gasket you are looking for ,then don't worry , our EAGET GROUP can help to do the rubber vulcanize work for the required rubber profiles .

And this advantage is very big especially when your quantity is small ,saving a lot whole piece moulding cost .

Rubber Ring;Rubber Frame;Hot vulcanized rubber corner;crisper silicone seal

Product Other Infos:

There are mainly Four methods to produce a Rubber Ring;Rubber Frame;Hot vulcanized rubber corner;large rubber gasket parts  .

Let's take produce a large viton o ring of OD 1211mm,OD 1185.60mm,C/S cord Φ 12.7mm for example.
Herein below is the four methods to produce :
1)Extrude Φ 12.7mm rubber viton cord first--Hot joint the two ends together.
The extrude cord length is  (1211+1185.60)*3.14/2=3762.6620mm

(For large o ring ,if we cut apart,the liner length is (OD+ID)*3.14/2 ,and you can also just use π Pi rulers to measure large rubber gasket rings ,sealings .)

extruded rubber cordsfoam sponge rubber packingextrude first and hot joint small moldsextrude first and hot joint

automotive weatherstrippings;rubber frameauto door sealsimported silicone large gasket stripsponge silicone rubber hollw tube

2)Extrude viton rubber cord--Glue two ends 

(If just use cold glue,there's no mold cost.But when the diameter up to 12.7mm,this way is not of very strong bonding.And our eagetrubber widely use this cold glue method for sponge rubber material of less than 3mm diameter,especially for dynamic sealing of required poundage lbf) 

foam epdm rubber gasket ringsponge foam rubber cord-hollow rubber tubingsponge rubber molded ring

3)Many times hot molding vulcanize with the urcured rubber
hot joining moulding rubberhot vulcanized rubber ringhot mold jointing by small moldsconfirm the length of the viton cords
check the two ends also of uncured fkmviton gasketviton o rings
4)Large whole piece moulding
whole size large rubber moldings

Widely application in automotive car epdm rubber seals and FDA grade silicone gasket for ovenware,pressure cooker and crisper.
It's fine for us to welding automotive epdm door and window seals,no matter it is foam rubber,dense,or even with metal insert ,the co-extruded weather strips
Maybe you will wonder why we still use hot vulcanized method to produce crisper silicone gasket seal since it is very small ,but just for rubber molding process,we can not keep ithe inside seal inflatable.
Check below pics of our current Rubber Ring;Rubber Frame;Hot vulcanized rubber corner,crisper silicone seal :
automotive car epdm rubberrubber window frame seal stripcar epdm rubber ringscar window seal
car weatherstrippingsglazing sealguma pelna epdmweatherstripping
automotive weather stripguma porowata epdmhot vulcanized rubber cornercrisper silicone gasket seal

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