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Refrigerator door seals gaskets,Refrigerator Gasket

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Refrigerator door seals gaskets,Refrigerator Gasket 

Our EAGET GROUP CO.,LTD is the leading refrigerator door gasket supplier and exporter for years,which have gain many clients supports of whom are focus on offering excellent fridge door seals , Refrigerator Gasket,Freezer Gasket,Fridge Gasket and Refrigerator door gasket frame with magnet inside to replace any famous brand frige like Haier, Midea, Hisense, Meiling, Whirlpool, Samsung, LG, Sanyo, Hitachi, Panasonic etc.

Refrigerator Gasket

Fridge door seals 

Freezer Gasket,Fridge Gasket

Refrigerator door seals gaskets

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Refrigerator door seals gaskets,Refrigerator Gasket

The material we use to produce refrigerator door gaskets is pure 100% new food grade thermoplastic elastomer,with no smell ,no toxic,strictly according to ROHS standard.
Herein below are some data from our best sell refrigerator gaskets material for your check:

Density g/cc 1.41-1.45
Hardness Shore A 78+3
Tensile Stress N/sq. mm.2 > 12
Elongation at break % > 250
Migration of plastizer mg < 10
Test in tropical conditions Does not stick
Fungicidial material composition yes

refrigerator door seal gasket-raw materialrefrigerator door gasket(moulds)fridge door seal production linerefrigerator door seal gaskets frame

  Why choose EAGET GROUP CO,LTD as your supplier of the Refrigerator door seals gaskets,Refrigerator Gasket ?

a)automatic refrigerator door gasket extrusion machine: Extrude seals with continuous length
b)PLC door gasket welding machine:Cut 45-degree angle very accurate 
c)Advanced Refrigerator magnetic strip extruder, magnetic strip cutting and inserting machine.  
d)Perfect  professional  Testing equipment: detection fridge seal Article sized optical instrument, detection door gasket fillet tension meter, detection sealing elastic hardness tester gauss meter to detect the refrigerator magnetic stripe magnetic field strength. 
e)skilled workers so as to guarantee a fast lead time 
refrigerator door gasket framefreezer gasket sealsrefrigerator door frame gasketrefrigerator door seal strip

  How to customize your special  Refrigerator door seals gaskets,Refrigerator Gasket ?

We can open any extruded rubber and plastic mould,which support us can supply various refrigerator door seal gaskets.
And all we need is a small length sample or a drawing to move on with this .
Any small quantity customize order of refrigerator door gasket, magnetic strip, soft and hard co-extrusion gasket etc are welcome !

   Popular Standard Refrigeration door seals gaskets,Refrigerator Gasket that we have :

refrigeration door sealsrefrigerator door seals gasketsrefrigerator gasketfridge door seals
                ETFSTJ01                                       ETFSTJ02                                       ETFSTJ03                                      ETFSTJ04
refrigerator gasketfreezer gasketfridge gasketrefrigeration door seals gaskets
                ETFSTJ05                                        ETFSTJ06                                     ETFSTJ07                                       ETFSTJ08
fridge door seal gasket


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