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Silicone Rubber Extrusion;Extruded Foam silicone seal;Silicone strips

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Our EAGET Silicone extrusions are available in various profiles to suit your individual requirements. 

We are able to manufacture any silicone rubber shape from samples or drawings. 

Silicone extrusions are commonly used in high temperature sealing, door sealing, gaskets, dispensers and oven seals.

Silicone Rubber Extrusion

Extruded Foam silicone seal

Silicone strips 

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Silicone Rubber Extrusion;Extruded Foam silicone seal;Silicone strips 

Temperature: -60°C to +200°C (Higher temperature grades are available upon request).

Applications: High temperature sealing, door seals, gaskets, heat sealing and oven seals.

Our EAGET GROUP produce Four type silicone extruded seals :

-Sponge or foam Silicone Profile Seal

-Dense solid Extruded Silicone strips

-Dual Hardnss Silicone stripping seal

-Co-extruded Silicone Gasket with metal plate or wire carrier Reinforcement

Specification of Silicone seal :

Dense Solid 50-60 shoreA 







 Hardness (Shore A)

 60+/-5  61  ASTMD2240
 TEAR STRENGTH(KN/M)  14  15  --
 BREAK ELONGATION(%)  350  365  ASTMD412
 Density(g/cm3)  1.25  1.20  ASTMD297

Sponge or foam Silicone Profile Seal 10-40 shoreA

 Density  0.5-0.85g/cm3   ASTM- 3574
 Compress   169 Kpa-Compress 25%  ASTM- 1056
 Elongation at break  305%  ASTM- 412
 Water Absorption  < 5%  ASTM-1056
 Insulation Strength  145 Volts/Mils  
 Working Temperature  500℉260℃-100 ° F-73 °C  

EAGET Standard profiles are shown below : 

 T-Sections  Bubble seals  Door Seals  E-section H-section 
 Hollow D-Sections  Hollow Strips  Inflatable Seals Keyhole Sections  L-Sections 
 Lip Seals  Tube  Omega Sections  P-Sections(Double)  P-Sections(Large)
 P-Sections(Medium)   P-Sections(Small)  P-Sections(Solid)  Solid D-Sections  Solid Square Sections
 Strip Sections  Autoclave Seals  Tadpole Sections  Trapeze Sections  Triangle Seals
 U Channels(Large)  U Channels(Medium)   U Channels(Small)   U Channels Rounded  Window Seals
 Cord Sieve Seals   U Channel (Clip-on)  Tank Seals  

 Using our expertise and knowledge you can be assured that when you contact us with your silicone extrusion design ideas you will receive technical help 

and advice to turn your silicone extrusion project into a reality. 

EAGET Current Project of our SILICONE EXTRUSIONS;EXTRUDED SILICONE RUBBER SEAL;solid silicone or cellular (sponge) silicone STRIPS

automatic door rubber seal of silicone materialbathroom window door silicone extrusions of side bulbBlue color light silicone strip.jpgclear Extruded Silicone Strip.jpg

customize silicone ruber gasket seal .jpgE section door silicone strip gasket.jpgfire resistant sponge silicone rubber seal.jpgflat based silicone sponge rubber seal strip.jpg

mushroom section rubber silicone gasket.jpgP section sponge foam silicone strip sealing.jpgrectangle shape silione rubber seal strip.jpgROHS FDA approved white silicone stripping.jpg

screen rubber silicone sealing.jpgsilicone string cords.jpgT section extruded silicone rubber seal.jpgT section FDA grade white sponge silicone seal.jpg


EAGET will help you design and develop a cost effective silicone extrusion solution using a wide variety of extrusion capabilities, together with custom mixed

 compounds and full color matching facilities in solid silicone or cellular (sponge) silicone form

We work with you to create a superior product as demanded by today's quality conscious industry. 


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