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Sidewall conveyor rubber belt;Heavy Duty rubber conveyor belt

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Sidewall conveyor rubber belt;Heavy Duty rubber conveyor belt 

Sidewall belts are used to convey material up inclines. 

The sidewall increases the carrying capacity of the belt and prevents product from falling off the edges of the belt. 
Hot vulcanization provides a 5x greater adhesion between the belt and sidewall, eliminating the need for bolting the sidewall to the base belt. 
Greater adhesion also prevents the sidewall from lifting and separating from the base belt, extending the belt life.

Sidewall conveyor rubber belt

Heavy Duty rubber conveyor belt 

side rubber wall for remet feeder belts

side wall for oxide wiegh feeder belts

Sidewall conveyor rubber belt

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Sidewall conveyor rubber belt;Heavy Duty rubber conveyor belt projects from us:

Heavy Duty rubber conveyor belt.jpgside wall for oxide wiegh feeder belts.jpgside rubber wall for remet feeder belts.jpg

Sidewall belts .jpgsidewall corrugated flexible conveyor belt.jpgSidewall conveyor rubber beltting.jpg

corrugated flexible conveyor belt.jpggood quality conveyor belt sewing machine.jpgSidewall conveyor rubber belt.jpg


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 anti-slip fabric surfaces skirt rubber belts.jpgrubber conveyor belt with metal clips.jpgSidewall conveyor rubber belt.jpg

Chevron Rubber Conveyor Belts.jpgEP Conveyor Belt, NN Conveyor Belt, Cotton Conveyor Belt.jpgHeavy Duty rubber conveyor belt.jpg

EP EE NN CONVEYOR BELTS.jpgEP200 EP300 EP8004 Ply Rubber Conveyor Belt for Coal Mining .jpgheat cold resistant conveyor belt.jpg


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