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Automatic revolving door seal strip;Swing Automatic door rubber seal strips

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"Automatic revolving door seal strip;Revolving door seal gaskets;Revolving door bottom rubber seal;Swing Automatic door rubber seal strips" is currently the only special purpose product that  can offer complete  sealant for automatic doors/revolving door/swing doors. 

These sealing door strips all adopt imported rubber materials, durable and with a very strong aging resistance.

It can make  the door  open and close smoothly, save energy and retain beautiful appearance.

Automatic revolving door seal strip
Revolving door seal gaskets

Revolving door bottom rubber seal

Swing Automatic door rubber seal strips

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Automatic revolving door seal strip;Revolving door seal gaskets;

Revolving door bottom rubber seal;Swing Automatic door rubber seal strips


 Automatic revolving door seal strip.jpg  revolving door seal.jpg  revolving door bottom seal.jpg


 Material EPDM RUBER 
 Temperature  EPDM:-40˚F to +230˚F
 Resistance to  Weather resistance— Excellent

Water Absorption resistance—Excellent

Aging and ozone resistance—- Excellent

abrasion resistance—Excellent


-Easy installation

-Good waterproof performance 

-Excellent seal properties

-Decrease the vibration so that protect the applications

Some Drawings and pics of our EAGET Automatic revolving door seal strip:


automatic door rubber seals.jpg  AUTOMATIC DOOR WEATHERSTRIP.jpg   Automatic revolving door seal strip gasket EPDM SWING DOOR SEAL.jpg 
 Revolved door seal strip  Revolving door bottom rubber seal-EAGETRUBBER  Revolving door seal gaskets-EAGETRUBBER.jpg  Swing Automatic door rubber seal strips-EAGETRUBBER.jpg

Automatic door seal.jpgAutomatic revolving door rubber seal strip.jpgRevolving door bottom rubber seal.jpgswing door rubber gasket.jpg

Revolving door seal gaskets.jpgrevolving door stripSwing Automatic door rubber seal strips.jpgsaftety automatic door rubber seal gasket.jpg

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